Demonstrate your corporate social responsibility to your customers, employees and community, and help allow the entire Windsor-Essex region to come together, to ensure a future of environmental sustainability for our region.

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We are inviting business partners – big and small – in the #PlaceforLife to consider making a donation per unit of your product or service to support tree planting and restoration in our region.

Our community has felt the impacts of climate change and we need to find ways of building resilience. Tree planting is identified as one of the most important weapons in the fight against climate change. We want to do more, and need your help to make an impact in taking climate action! Donations made through this program will be used to plant more trees in the Windsor-Essex region.  Currently, our region has only 8.5% natural areas coverage.  The United Nations, and the Windsor-Essex community, have set a goal of 12% natural areas minimum for environmental sustainability.

There are also opportunities for individuals to offset their home or travel carbon footprints.  Contact us to learn more.

Be a hero! Become a Partner for Sustainability today.

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