Project Description




Why preserve heritage?

Sites like the John R. Park Homestead bring together people of all ages. They become focal points for community celebrations and highlight our Canadian story: how our way of life has evolved over the centuries. There are few places where people can experience our history and traditions. As these sites age, legacy funds are required to create sustainable solutions for preservation. If these important elements of our history are not preserved, they will eventually be erased from our community’s memory – and lost forever. Your support is critical to fostering our community’s continued sense of place.

Every historical site has a story to tell and these stories can inform and inspire our culture and convictions. Heritage sites are our connections to the past, and places like the Homestead provide important perspective that has helped to shape our present community.


Preserving our Heritage Funding Priorities:

  • Restore the sawmill at the John R. Park Homestead to ensure that our cultural heritage is preserved for the future.