Project Description




Why Support Outdoor Education?

In today’s world of computers, iPads and cell phones, one of the greatest challenges of our time is connecting our children with the world around us. A compelling body of evidence exists that trees and natural areas are essential elements of healthy communities for children.

Introducing kids to nature supports a diversity of types of play, as well as numerous health benefit which include better motor coordination and balance, increased physical activity, healthier body weight, better concentration and less impulsivity, reduced symptoms of ADHD, less depression or psychological distress and a greater sense of energy.

Research also suggests that a connection to nature in childhood is positively correlated with long-term knowledge about the environment. Studies further support that nature exposure in childhood can have lasting health benefit by building a foundation in which children learn to seek out nature as a lifelong health habit.


Inspiring Future Generations Funding Priorities:

  • Ensure that at least 10,000 students each year benefit from outdoor education programs.
  • Continue to provide the Earth Day Travelling Road Show to more than 3,500 students each year
  • Create an innovative ‘Natural Playground’ at Holiday Beach Conservation Area to connect kids with nature while nurturing their imagination.